Ashok, HOD, Humanities & Sciences, 14 Years Experience. M.Tech

Humanities & Sciences

About BS & H Department

Fortunate are the students who find their roots in the most nurturing teachers and are bound to excel in their life. Humanity and Science department can boast of its qualified and competent faculty which is an asset for Northern India Engineering College.

Communicative English is gaining a lot of importance for the effective use of her expertise in her chosen field. The Department, apart from English competence, is focusing on foreign languages ultimately to help the students more communicative in different languages for their smart performance in this cut-throat competitive world.

Beyond the classrooms, students are provided with an opportunity to exhibit their talent, creative skills, and leadership qualities through various quizzes, workshops, group discussions, presentation skills, art galore, etc.


Since the department deals mostly with first-year students of engineering the faculty concentrates on creative learning and expression.

  • To motivate the fresh brains to take up any challenge.
  • To inculcate positive thinking among engineering students.
  • To support the students morally in connection with their passions.
  • To contribute to the all-round development of the students by providing them extensive counseling & guidance in terms of education and career-oriented problems.


Short Term Goals:

  • To see that all students come out with flying colors in the end exams.
  • To guide the students in fulfilling their desires and reach their goals.

Long Term Goals:

  • To fine-tune students’ academic skills and shape them as future leaders.
  • To impart quality education.


  • Aptitude Classes
  • Group Discussions
  • To impart basic insight on real-time practical experience
  • To provide hands-on experience of what is learned in classroom
  • To expose the student to advanced topics through experiments
  • To create a self- learning environment by allowing the student to handle the equipment
  • To widen the basic knowledge base
  • To inculcate a systematic approach of practical learning
  • To enlighten the young brains on classical as well as modern physical principles
  • To prepare the student ready to face relative practical problems in the respective engineering core subjects

S & H News & Events:

  • A One Day workshop on “Ethics and Human values” was organized on 10th December 2014 from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. The resource person for this workshop is Dr.Fakruddeen.
  • Organized TALENTEXPLO–2015 on 6th & 7th September 2015.
  • Organized Effective Teaching workshop to all fresh and junior faculty prior to commencement of classwork.
  • One day workshop is organized for all first B.Tech. students on “Recent Advances in Nanotechnology on 10-03-2015.
  • To sharpen mathematical skills a two day workshop is organized on “Real Time Engineering Applications of Mathematics” on 1st & 2nd Sept 2015.